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Completely Automated Public Turing test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. It is a computer program that is used to distinguish Human from a Machine (Robot).

While registering for a new email address in Gmail, Yahoo or while registering for a new account, in any of the website, you must have seen some kind of verification codes or zig zag codes or designed alpha numeric codes, at the bottom of the registration page.

What Do You Need?

Captcha is all about typing simple words, which you can see appearing on the face of the software. Anybody can do this work. Special skills are not required. You can do this work on your computer or laptop. Our Software works only on all, Windows Operating Systems(OS) and Internet connection is required. You can work on any Android Mobile and Device.

How to work?

The codes are called captchas. So we will provide you a software, in that software those captcha codes will appear regularly on the face of a software. You need to see the codes and type the same, in an empty rectangular box, which is present just below the code. After typing it, press “enter” key on your keyboard and it will be submitted automatically. That’s it, just type and enter work.

In case, if you are unable to understand the codes, then you have the option of pressing the “ESC” key on your keyboard. If you press “ESC” key on your keyboard, then the new code or next code will appear in place of the present one. Likewise you can skip the codes, if you are unable to understand them.


 The workload is unlimited. I mean, you can type any number of words and you can earn any amount of money.

 No work targets at all. You are free to work on your own convenience

 Just follow the easy rules and instructions from your admin to have a smooth work flow.

 Your earnings will be transferred online through NEFT transfers to your respective bank accounts.

 You will receive your earnings on biweekly basis or every 15 working days. That means twice in a month.

 You will receive your earnings on biweekly basis or every 15 working days. That means twice in a month.

 Now if you want to do this online typing project (captcha). Then you are required to purchase this captcha software first.



ANSWER - Captcha’s are the special type of verification codes, which we normally find at the bottom of the registration pages. The captcha codes may look like this, as shown below.
ANSWER - We will give you a captcha decoding software, with the help of a sofware, you will be able to receive the captcha images and you can easily do your work.
ANSWER - If you type more, then you can earn more money. So you are free to earn your desired money as per your typing performance.
ANSWER - Yes, you can work any time and day.
ANSWER - You may get approximately upto Rs.1 (INR) per word. And in USD, you may get approximately upto $ 0.015 per word. (*conditions apply)
ANSWER - No limits at all. Workload is unlimited.
ANSWER - No need to complete within specified date and time.
ANSWER - You will get your payments, every 15 working days once. (*conditions apply)
ANSWER - You will get paid through the NEFT, IMPS Fund Transfer, You will receive your payouts, directly to your respective bank accounts.
ANSWER - You will get paid through an INTERNATIONAL FUND TRANSFER. We will transfer your funds directly to your respective bank accounts.
ANSWER - Yes, there is a little software charge, but it is one time only and the validity will be a life time.

PIC or QL Rate UPDATED on 16 DEC 2013

9.30AM-10.30AM 0.35 2857
10.30AM-11.30AM 0.35 2857
11.30AM-12.30PM 0.35 2857
12.30PM-1.30PM 0.35 2857
1.30PM-2.30PM 0.35 2857
2.30PM-3.30PM 0.35 2857
3.30PM-4.30PM 0.35 2857
4.30PM-5.30PM 0.35 2857
5.30PM-6.30PM 0.4 2500
6.30PM-7.30PM 0.45 2222
7.30PM-8.30PM 0.45 2222
8.30PM-9.30PM 0.45 2222
9.30PM-10.30PM 0.5 2000
10.30PM-11.30PM 0.5 2000
11.30PM-12.30AM 0.75 0.75
12.30AM-1.30AM 0.65 1538
1.30AM-2.30AM 0.65 1538
2.30AM-3.30AM 0.65 1538
3.30AM-4.30AM 0.65 1538
4.30AM-5.30AM 0.5 2000
5.30AM-6.30AM 5.30AM-6.30AM 2222
6.30AM-7.30AM 0.45 2222
7.30AM-8.30AM 0.4 2500
8.30AM-9.30AM 0.45 2222

NOTE - We do not guarantee and we do not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the rates mentioned above with timings. Therefore check the client software of QLINK GROUP for accurate and correct rates regularly.

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